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My name is Katherina and Welcome to my Blog!


I´m so glad to see you here and my guess is that you also love tea. Me myself is a complete Tea junkie. I drink in the morning, before lunch, during lunch, after lunch, before dinner, during dinner, after dinner and before bed. Wow that was intense… but it´s also the truth! I absolutely love this beverage (Might be due to my english parents?) and can’t get enough of it.

So instead of talking about tea all the time to my friends and family, i decided to start this blog. Where i can geek out about all tea specifics there is to find!

I hope you will enjoy your stay here with me.

And hey! Would you be so kind to send me an email tell me a little about yourself. I´d love to connect with each and everyone of you 🙂

XOXO Katherine Tucker