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The Benefits To Your Sleep When Using Tea and Memory Foam Products

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The Benefits To Your Sleep When Using Tea and Memory Foam Products

To maintain health and well being it is important that we get enough sleep, as the body uses this time to clear the mind and repair and renew any damaged cells. Having a comfortable mattress and good sleep environment are key to making sure you are able to maintain regular patterns of uninterrupted sleep, research shows that having an uncomfortable mattress can cause broken sleep and the average person will lose about an hours sleep each night when uncomfortable. As over a seven year period the average person spends over 20,000 hours in their it is definitely worth investing in a quality mattress, not only will you sleep better but your posture will improve as well. Memory foam products are a popular choice, as they have significant advantages over the more traditional and cheaper sprung options.

Memory Foam Mattresses

memory foam mattress4Memory foam mattresses have many advantages, although they are a more expensive option many see this as an investment as they last for many years.

They are designed to distribute body weight more evenly across the surface giving you extra support, meaning there is little pressure applied on areas such as the back and hips during sleep, preventing you from waking up stiff and uncomfortable. Adjusting to the contours of your body, memory foam mattress provide a lot more comfort than traditional mattresses by snuggly fitting around your shape, bouncing back to normal after you rise.

Due to the limited transfer of movement when using a memory foam mattress, you are much more likely to be able to sleep uninterrupted by your partner.

Memory foam mattresses are temperature sensitive meaning they retain your body heat making your bed stay warmer throughout the night, however if your room is particularly cold you may find your bed is cold and a little hard when you first get in, this will improve once you have been in it for a while.

As they are formed of one solid block, memory foam mattresses are hypoallergenic and easy to clean, dust mites are unable to get inside meaning you only need to wipe over the outer surface when cleaning. They also don’t require rotating regularly as they are able to retain their own shape.

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

If you are unable to afford to invest in a whole new mattress, or don’t feel its necessary right but you still want to improve your sleep another option is to purchase a memory foam mattress topper, these fit over the top of your existing mattress, enhancing its lifespan, and still provide you with many benefits.

Memory foam toppers provide you a comfortable layer to sleep on, the memory foam will soften with your body heat, moulding into the contours of your body providing you with extra support and comfort while you sleep, like a mattress a mattress topper helps prevent pressure points affecting your sleep.

As they are hypoallergenic using a memory foam mattress topper will help keep you mattress clean and help prevent dust mites from being able to enter it.

A much cheaper option they are an ideal way to add comfort without blowing your budget, they are also ideal for pepping up guest beds or for use with young children as they are more easily replaced.


Author | Katherine Tucker Comments | Comments Off on The Benefits To Your Sleep When Using Tea and Memory Foam Products Date | April 30, 2015

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